IRENE FROY,  EFIAP, MPAGB, HonPAGB, BPE4*                Irene Froy


Irene describes herself as a pictorial photographer, with a leaning towards landscape, but has an interest in all types of photography.   She has lectured throughout the country but will have to restrict herself to more local clubs for future bookings as age catches up.  

Irene prints exclusively on PermaJet Fine Art papers to obtain the quality she desires in her pictures. She prefers subtle colours to define mood in her landscapes and loves misty conditions but occasionally finds a more colourful image.   Irene finds that PermaJet Image Life Pigment inks with the Eco Flow system on the Epson 3000 printer give her the effect she wants and her success in National and International Exhibitions proves that the combination of inks and papers works for Irene's images.    Although she is entering less these days as the cost of postage rises. Irene has been supported by PermaJet in the supply of her papers and inks since 2000.

For many years she has concentrated on interpreting the landscape and villages of France, using delicate colour and soft images to convey the mood. But her latest talk in preparation for 2017/18 concentrates on autumn in the Penines and Scotland, a few from February in the Lakes plus some creative images and hopefully spring in Ireland.   This is not a travelogue but features her distinctive style and it just happens that most images are taken on holidays!   Irene's husband, Gerry, is also her driver and as he is no longer happy driving in the dark they are using a pro driver who usually does airport collections to get them to the clubs.   He is happy to wait and take them home again for very little more than the PAGB rates. Irene makes no charge above the cost of the car. For the clubs she can no longer visit Irene is putting her lectures on to CD - see the Recorded Lecture Page for details.

Irene cannot imagine a life without photography - it is a passion which is as strong today as when she first started aged 12.There is a compulsion to take and show pictures and although she appreciates all types of photography, her main interest is in landscape and the quirky corners of villages especially in France.    Irene is definitely not a city girl being at her happiest in the countryside with her camera on her tripod.    Irene started photography as a schoolgirl and later produced colour prints from transparencies in the darkroom, before switching to digital in 1998.

Irene runs all day Photoshop My Way Workshops at Wrekin Arts PC HQ in Wellington, Telford. See the Tuition page for details.

She was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in April 1994 in the Visual Arts - Pictorial category, with darkroom Colour Prints. But since resigning from the RPS in 2010 she is no longer able to use FRPS in her list of distinctions.

In March 1997 she was invited to membership of the London Salon of Photography.  She gained EFIAP (Excellence de la Federation International d'Art Photographique) in 2000.  She attained MPAGB in April 2007.

Irene was awarded the APAGB (Award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain for Services to Photography) in 1985 and this was superceded in 2004 by the award of the J S Lancaster Medal (HonPAGB) for Exceptional Service to Photography.